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Slim/Accent Windows
These 2' x 7' windows are designed for a more contemporary & tailored appearance. You may choose from a clear or grey tint insulated glass.
Our beautiful aluminum horizontal sliding windows are virtually maintenance free. Available with screens and optional insulation.
Walk Doors
You may choose from a variety of door sizes ranging from 3'4' single swing to 6' double swing, with or without a window. All doors come with lever lock handle that meet current ADA requirements.
Door Frames
We offer a wide variety of overhead frames in heights and widths to meet any requirement.
A complete line of Fixed and Adjustable 1ouvers are available in a variety of sizes to fit any airflow need.

Roof Jacks
Our Roof Jacks are formed of E.P.D.M. robber to match the configuration of the roof panels and provide a weather-fight opening for pipes 6 to 7 inches.

Skylights, also available for the sidewalls, come in standard sizes and have the same profiles as the metal panels. *Ask about our UL90's!
Ridge & Circular Ventilators
Ridge vents come in 10' lengths with 9" to 12" throats and include bird screens and chain operated dampers. 20" & 24" circular vents are also available with chain dampers and bird screens.


Canopies, Extensions & Fascias are pleasantly appealing, and help keep water off your building.
Straight-Beam Canopy, as opposed to the roof extension, is mounted on the sidewall and follows the slope of the roof. The canopy forms an unbroken line from the peak providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Optional soffit panels also available. Roof Extension are a continuation of the roof over the endwall. Optional soffit panels are available


Fascias are a decorative trim or panel projecting from the face of a wall designed to achieve a distinctive modem accent.

We offer both the Sloped & Vertical Fascias, though the only difference between them, other than their mechanics, is represented in their names.

While they also help to keep the weather out, fascias are more useful in a business/office environment, and provide an ideal spot to attach a business sign.

Our fascias are fully backsheeted to protect framing members from the elements. Gutters, soffit panels and backsheets are not recommended in areas that are subjected to extreme loads.

For further information on Roof Extensions, Straight-Beam Canopies, Sloped or Vertical Fascias, ask your design consultant.

Vertical Facia

Slopped Fascia

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