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PARTS NOMENCLATURE - Primary & Secondary Framing
  • Column - A primary member used in a vertical position on a building to transfer loads from main roof beams, tresses, or rafters to the foundation.
  • Eave Strut - A structural member at the cave to support roof panels & wall panels. It may also transmit wind forces from roof bracing to wall bracing.
  • Flange Brace - A bracing member used to provide lateral support to the flange of a beam, girder, or column.
  • Girt - A secondary horizontal structural member attached to sidewall or endwall columns to which wall covering is attached.
  • Purlin - A secondary horizontal structural member structure to the primary frame which transfers the roof loads from the roof covering to the primary members.
  • Rafter - Primary beam supporting the roof system in an endwall.
  • Rake Angle - An angle secure to the base of the tatter to support & close wall panels.

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