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NOMENCLATURE - Panels and Flashing
  • Base Closure - A resilient strip, formed to the contour of ribbed panels used to close openings crated by joining metal panels & flashing
  • Corner Flashing - A sheet metal closure which functions primarily to provide weather-tightness in a structure and secondarily to enhance appearance.
  • Downspout - A conduit used to carry water from the gutter of a building to the ground or storm drain.
  • Gutter - A channel member installed at the eave of the roof for the purpose of carrying water from the roof to the drains or downspouts.
  • Panel - The exterior wall of roof skin consisting of panels or sheets & their attachments trim, fascia, & weather sealer.
  • Peak Sign - A sign attached to the peak of the building at the endwall. Rake Trim; The light gauge metal used in the finish of a building, specifically at the rake.
  • Ridge Cap - A plate located at the ridge for capping the exposed ridge seam Sill Angle; Similar to Base & Rake angle, this is an angle secure to the perimeter of the sill of a door or window to support & close wall panels.
  • Tape Sealer - A tape used to close up cracks or joints to protect against leaks.

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